Letterman Jacket with customized Patches

Fabric Type : Polyester
Care Instructions : Machine Wash
Origin : Imported


If you want to make an appearance, wear the rare Letterman Jacket with Customized Patches. The classic shape of this jacket pairs with the ease of modern customization to make it a blank slate for personal style. It’s an eye-catcher piece with its real leather arms, black wool body, and bright orange details. Get ready to show off your unique style with a touch of classic attractiveness and the freedom to make it your own with embroidered patches on a letterman’s jacket.

Product Details:

Our Letterman Jacket with Customized Patches will help you look better in your clothes. The real leather arms not only look expensive, but they’re also strong enough to last for a long time. You can add your own patches to the chest and arms to make your story stand out, whether it’s your team’s logo, a personal symbol, paw patch, chanel patches, or a special memory. 

Here are the main facts about the product


Black wool body 

Genuine leather sleeves 


Elastic waist with vibrant orange stripes 

Ribbed collar in classic black and orange color.


Personalized patches on the chest and sleeves.

Option to choose from pre-designed patches like, chenille patches, number, golf, varsity letter patches, and more. 

A custom letterman jacket with patches will help you stand out. Celebrate what makes you unique, your achievements, and your ability to stand out. Get a personalized letterman jacket patch today by going here and showing off your best sense of style. Don’t pass up the chance to wear a jacket that is as unique as you are. Your design, your story, your patch jacket and make it your own today!